Fun begins with the McFlies.
The 80's cross more generations than any other decade.
While boomers were beginning to settle down, gen's X and Y were being hatched.
Tunes from the era are loaded with hooks that make them memorable to almost everyone.

That's the secret: more songs, more meaningful to more people. The McFlies are strict about it.
Only original hits from 1980 thru '89 - no sooner, no later.

Their twist is that they do them acoustically without a single synth or drum machine. Accordion, melodica, harmonicas, and fiddle provide colour over a foundation of acoustic guitars, ukeleles, banjo and bass.

The McFlies are the world's first "Un-Cover Band" It's ultimate fun.
You don't just check out the McFlies - you get up and rock with them.
The McFlies put a whole new spin on retro that will turn your venue or event into the party you hoped it would be.

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